Stewardship Awards

Every year, Student Activities Trustee Student Organization Support, sponsors the “Stewardship Awards.”  These are 4 different awards based on the areas of stewardship (assets, administrator relations, members, and constituents).


  • This organization has demonstrated a strong level of commitment to and awareness of its constituents through its sound understanding of organization accountability. This organization sought input from constituents through a variety of means and mediums, using the information gathered in decision-making processes. By effectively communicating with regards to upcoming decisions, decisions made, marketing and promotion of events, public statements in times of crisis, etc., this group formed and maintained a good relationship with the student body. Strong demonstrations of engagement, interaction, and overall care in the best interests of the student body have been shown through continued efforts this past year.


  • In keeping with the best traditions of their organization and the University, this group has demonstrated successful stewardship of its members through the excellent recruitment, development, and mentorship of an effective membership base. By providing adequate support and effective training, this organization has helped create a positive and supportive place for involvement for current and future members with active conflict resolution tactics used when necessary. Developing an open organizational culture that encourages and empowers members, this group has demonstrated strong efforts to work collaboratively, professionally, and ethically as an organization.

Administrator Relations

  • This organization has displayed excellence in the stewardship of administrator relations during the past year. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and administrators, this organization has developed sound partnerships in order to support the organization’s mission and the student body. This organization utilizes their advisors and administrators for feedback and advice, forming and maintaining a reciprocal and respectful relationship with staff and administrators. By working more closely and effectively with administrators at the University, this group has demonstrated how students and administrators can work together in order to achieve a high level of success.


  • This organization has demonstrated outstanding effort in terms of maximizing available assets by effectively using resources to reflect their mission and purpose. Through conscious efforts to use resources in an innovative and responsible way, this organization has learned to balance their accountability with the needs of the UConn community in a transparent and timely manner. This group adheres to policies and procedures regarding expenditures, deposits, fund-raising, contracts, etc.

All undergraduate Tier III Organizations are eligible to be nominated by members, staff, administration, and advisors. The winners will be determined by a selection committee within the Division of Student Affairs who will review the nominations.

This year, submissions will be accepted from March 18th through April 5th. To submit a Nomination, click this link here.