Trustee Organization Transparency

Fiscal Year 23 Operating Budgets:

At the beginning of the term of incoming Presidents and Treasurers (typically April and May), the Organization votes on an Operating Budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year. This Budget is a projection of expenses for their term, and guides all authorizations of expense of funds. The Operating Budgets for FY23 for each Organization are below:

DC Operating Budget FY23

Graduate Student Senate

Nutmeg Operating Budget FY23

UCTV Operating Budget FY23

USG Operating Budget FY23

Operating Budget FY23

2021 AFU Results:

Every year, the Department of Student Activities surveys the undergraduate student population about their awareness of, familiarity with and use of the Tier III student organizations. The results of the survey are shared with the student organization leaders at the August Retreat and used to improve the programming and services offered by the organizations.

DC Longitudinal

Nutmeg Longitudinal

SUBOG Longitudinal

UCTV Longitudinal

USG Longitudinal

WHUS Longitudinal