Storrs Campus Organizations

Tier III student organizations are established by the University and are managed on a daily basis by students with oversight from the University. The Storrs campus organizations include Daily Campus, Graduate Student Senate, Nutmeg Yearbook, Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG), UCTV, Undergraduate Student Government, UConnPRAXIS, and WHUS Radio. Their individual websites can be accessed through the menu on the left.

The tiered system of student organizations (Tiers I, II, and III) was created by the Department of Student Activities in 2007 to establish distinctions between different types of student organizations based on their variety of purposes and different levels of risks and financial responsibilities. The “Tier III” designation describes organizations supported by student fees with high visibility on campus, high accountability to a large constituency of students, moderate to high risk activities, regular interaction with University staff, and reliance on the University for funding, financial support, facilities and event planning support.

Trustee Student Organization Support provides organizational advising and financial support to the Tier III student organizations. The student leaders participate in the Triad Leadership Program as part of the organizations’ registration requirements. Each year, the undergraduate student population offers feedback to the undergraduate student organizations through the Awareness, Familiarity, and Use survey which is administered by the Department of Student Activities. Each student organization also reaches out to their constituents for feedback through a variety of other means and mediums throughout the year.